Come and follow a training in order to start your own activity !

Why would you follow a training with us?

One of our activities consists in raising awareness: through workshops, team buildings or various presentations. As a matter of fact, those activities gained more success and the demands for more precise training have been increasing, this is why we decided to develop several specific trainings.


In fact, we would like to share our knowledge and techniques of cultivation with people in order to see more urban mushrooms production sites all over the world.


We would also like to demonstrate that it is absolutely possible to undertake something differently, putting the social, environmental aspects and a participatory management at the centre of the project.


The program and our trainings are flexible and easily adapt to any objectives or desire of the participants.

Training to the cultivation of oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds

This training is for anyone who would like to know more about the beautiful world of mushrooms and about the methods to cultivate oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds.


Thanks to this unique and complete training, you will come back home with plenty of knowledge regarding the cultivation of mushrooms on coffee grounds as well as regarding the corporate management.


With over 5 years of expertise, we will share with you our advice on how to launch your project in a safe and sustainable way.

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