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Make your employees, partners and customers happy. Offer them a new, tasty and meaningful experience thanks to the PermaFungi kit!

A sustainable and original corporate gift?

With the PermaFungi kit, your employees and customers will be able to grow delicious organic oyster mushrooms at home, in only 10 days! The principle is very simple: just open and water!

The growth of mushrooms will amaze many people with its speed and ease. You can then share the success of your harvests as a team – and why not enjoy them together?


Each kit allows a minimum of 1 harvest of 200g with the possibility of up to 3 harvests in case of a vigorous oyster mushroom! A kit contains oyster mushroom mycelium, a spray to water them, a storage bag and instructions for use. After growth, the kit can be composted to produce an excellent fertiliser!

A meaningful choice

By choosing PermaFungi, you directly contribute to the development of a circular economy project with a social purpose that :

 Valorizes 100% waste

  Produces healthy food

  Creates sustainable jobs

  Promotes the local economy

The PermaFungi kit is thus an ideal communication tool to show your employees and partners your company’s commitment to current environmental and social issues.

Offering our kits will also enable you to raise awareness among your employees to the small everyday gestures that have a positive impact on the future, while uniting them around an activity that conveys strong values.

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