Myco material – toward a better future !

At PermaFungi, we continually innovate to add new steps in our circular project. The next step is particularly ambitious: we want to transform the champost (our residue of oyster cultivation) into a sustainable and biodegradable material. How? By adding mycelium.


Recent researches have shown that mycelium (the mushroom seed) can be transformed into a material which can replace plastic – the myco material. This material generates ten times less carbon dioxide (CO2) and uses about eight times less energy than the production of polystyrene foam.


Made by hand and without any artificial processes, the mushroom material remains completely natural. Its qualities in terms of strength, impermeability and fire resistance are interesting for creating quality products, still able to be composted.


Our challenge is twofold. On the one hand, it involves the process of developing this new material in our circular project and on the other hand, it implies creating products alternative to plastic and with a high added value. The different potential applications are numerous: in design, thermal insulation or packaging.


Do you want to lighten your home with unique and authentic lights ? Or do you want to decorate your space and bring nature back at home ? All these products are made to measure and order. Do not wait and share with us one of your craziest desire by email at :


Purchasing unique pieces made of mushroom material is also a sign of the environmental and societal commitment of your company. It is an excellent communication tool to demonstrate your environmentally friendly approach.

LumiFungi – a circular lamp

A lamp of another kind, LumiFungi has been the first product based on myco material marketed in Belgium. This material grows on the waste from our oyster mushroom production. This lampshade is absolutely handmaid, organic and biodegradable.

A minimalist design, a soft texture and a warm atmosphere from a low energy lamp make of that lamp an inspiring symbol of a sustainable use of materials.


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