A young, dynamic and passionate team !

Operational team on 30.05.2018

(From top to bottom and from left to right)


Lucas De Araujo Wey (production team), Caroline Pultz (LumiFungi project), Julien Jacquet (delegated administrator), Charly De Brabandere (production team), Nathan Sabbah (production team), Adrien Laurent (chicory project), Lucas Evrard (production team), Quentin Thirion (workshop manager), Remi Ercole (production team), William Donck (production manager), Philibert Ehrhart (environmental impact analysis), Laurence De Witte (mushroom farmer from Saint-Gilles), Elena Putiatina (communication manager)



For any question, further information or just a kind word, we are there and available at the address 😉.