Fungi POP


Recycle your coffee grounds by cultivating delicious oyster mushrooms! Simple and almost infinite culture! 🙂

The Fungi Pop is a specially designed box that allows you to grow oyster mushrooms while recycling your coffee grounds! The more the box fills up, the more the fungus grows by eating and decomposing the coffee grounds. Three to four weeks of decomposition, four days of growth and a few waterings will be enough to see a bouquet of tasty oyster mushrooms hatch at the top of your box, to make you melt with pleasure!  After each cycle, a little substrate is left and off you go again: your kit will just be waiting for its new “dose” of caffeine!

 The Fungi Pops contain a bag of seeds (oyster mushroom mycelium), a spray for watering them, a kraft paper storage bag and instructions for use.

Preservation: the bag containing the seeds will last 6 months in the fridge or 1 month at room temperature (20°C)

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